Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Jesus You Can't Ignore - Dr. John MacArthur

I just received Dr. John MacArthur's new book, The Jesus You Can't Ignore. If the forward is any indication, this is going to be a wonderful -- and deadly accurate -- read on the true Jesus of Scripture. Here's a brief sample where John discusses the impact of postmodern-minded theologians, authors and teachers on the church . . .

They all suggested in one way or another that if Christians want to reach unbelieving people in a postmodern culture, we need to be less militant, less aggressive, less preachy, and less sure of our own convictions. According to these authors, Christians should meet other worldviews with conversation, not conflict. The writers all tended to place an inordinate stress on the supposed importance of always being as agreeable as possible. They more or less assumed that a friendly quest for common ground and mutual goodwill is always morally superior to any kind of earnest contention . . .

. . . These books also exhibited a strong bias against any kind of certitude. Their authors all seemed deeply bothered by the fact that in the current intellectual climate, unbelievers usually think Christians sound arrogant and small-minded when we declare that the Bible is infallibly true and Jesus is Lord over all. They were especially uncomfortable with the idea that other religions are false. Instead, they said, we should embrace and adapt to the shift in secular attitudes toward truth and certainty . . . That means listening sympathetically, always being flexible with our own point of view, affirming as much as we possibly can, agreeing more than we disagree, carefully avoiding points of truth that are likely to offend, and always seeking common ground.

That is indeed our current culture outside the church, and increasingly inside. And it is not the Jesus of the Bible, no matter how much these false teachers try to insist. Judging from some of the comments I've read thus far from people who have had the book for a while, Dr. MacArthur strongly refutes these ideas, and demonstrates from Scripture the true Jesus of the Bible. The "Jesus You Can't Ignore."

I can't wait to dig into it.


The Rios' said...

We received our copy of it as well and have begun digging into it. Enjoy your reading!!

The Rios'

Dave Sherrill said...

Thanks for the post. I bought a copy of his book a week ago. I'll read it this fall. It will probably be the basis for one of the series for our adult Sunday School class.