Friday, October 23, 2009

The Late, Great USA?

Oddly enough, I had been thinking for quite a while on the idea of portraying a tombstone with the United States on it to make a point, but as usual, someone beat me to the idea. And this photo is all over the blogosphere.

Even so, I'll still make my comment. I have no idea whether Barack Obama and his acolytes will succeed in their efforts to fundamentally "change" the United States. Personally, I'd use the word "destroy" instead of "change," but that's Solameanie for you. I have no desire to live in the Union of Soviet Socialist United States, but it does appear we're headed in that direction.

This didn't happen overnight, either. It's been in the works for a long time. People do seem to be waking up to the fact that something's going on. The question is, will enough people wake up in time, and will enough people actually care enough to do something about it? The jury's out on that also.

From a human level and leaving theology out of it for the moment, I have my doubts as to whether there's enough of the "Spirit of 1776" left in the nation. We've got a couple of generations of people who have no idea what that means, or if they do, they have a distorted view of if thanks to our educational establishment and the media. Rather than holding the principle of American exceptionalism, and remembering the very foundational principles that put our country together, we now have a good number of people who think America is just a cog in the global order, and that we have to meld into that global order even if it means giving up our sovereignty and our freedom.

It hasn't helped that there has been so much erosion in the spiritual foundation of the country. Now, I don't mean to suggest that America was founded as a theocracy or has always acted nobly in its history. There has always been sin in America. However, in earlier days there was at least a societal consensus about basic standards of right and wrong. That is seemingly gone or severely weakened. Again, we can thank the educational establishment for much of this, as well as liberal theologians who have cast off most of their biblical moorings.

From history, I know that no society holds together forever, and the reasons are usually along the same lines. Rot from within. Biblically, I know that history will have a denouement, and it will happen in God's good time. And that brings me to my final comment for today.

Because we as Christians know that there are certain prophecies that remain to be fulfilled, and because we know that things will deteriorate markedly before the return of Christ, does that mean we are to just sit back and do nothing?

Of course not. We have responsibilities both as Christians and citizens. We are to speak out and do all that we can do to foster righteousness in our society -- in government and out of it. We have no guarantee that we will be victorious in the short term. But we serve a sovereign God whose final victory is assured, along with the victory of all who "love His appearing."

Is America toast? I hope and pray not. Things are not looking very well at the moment, and the blindness of so many to see it grieves me deeply. It grieves me that so many are willing to turn their lives over lock, stock and barrel to a government that claims benevolence. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. America's Founding Fathers set things up for a reason, with checks and balances, knowing full well that, like fire, a totalitarian government is a fearful master. They also recognized that man is fallen outside of Christ, and because of this propensity to evil, restraints are necessary.

We'd best remember their wisdom and put it back in place while we still can.

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Palm boy said...

We have certainly been running headlong on the road to serfdom for some time now.