Friday, October 09, 2009

Obama Gets a Nobel?!?

Well, I'm back . . . wide awake and roaring.

The news just broke that President Barack Obama has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. What's more, it turns out that he was nominated only two weeks into his presidency.

For what, may I ask? The Obama worship machine was already ridiculous, but this is bordering on the obscene. I suppose that the very fact that it's the Nobel people giving this award should ameliorate my outrage a bit. After all, they're typically sympathetic to globalists, socialists and liberals. But this really is ridiculous. The man hasn't accomplished much of anything other than being a good talker. He never ran a business, and most of his Senate career was voting "present." He really was a manufactured candidate.

My irenic side would like to give him kudos for being the first black to be elected to the presidency. My kudos would be unqualified if he really did it through hard work, honesty and genuine communication of his true views with the American public, as well as coming into office with a real resume of accomplishment that made a difference. I initially did doff my hat to his accomplishment, but then I thought about it a while. Obama can owe much of his election to a fawning liberal media. They did an abysmal job in vetting him as a candidate. The American people never did really know what they were getting unless they got their information from an alternative media source.

The mainstream media purposefully refused to cover or even investigate his background as a teacher of Saul Alinsky methods, his questionable associations with people like William Ayres and Jeremiah Wright, his refusal to release his academic papers and writings so we could really flesh out his true views on things, and a host of other failures in coverage. Fox News did do these things, but they get readily dismissed as a "right wing propaganda machine." Funny that these critics don't see the "left wing propaganda machine" of the New York Times, the mainstream networks and CNN.

Regardless, Obama might have deserved a Nobel at the end of his presidency if his accomplishments in office merited it. As things stand now, all he is accomplishing is the destruction of this country.

Maybe that's really why he's winning a Nobel.


lee n. field said...

"It's a shame there's no Nobel Peace Prize this year."

Palm boy said...

Even I'm supprised by this news.