Monday, October 12, 2009

A Refresher Course on American Economics

One of the publications I seldom miss the opportunity to read is the Imprimis newsletter published by Hillsdale College in Michigan. In this month's issue economist Dr. Walter Williams gives us a little refresher course in basic economics -- the kind that made the United States the powerhouse of freedom and opportunity that it is. What's especially wonderful is that Dr. Williams is the one doing the teaching. They'd have a hard time accusing him of racism for opposing Plan Obama.

I cannot recommend this article highly enough, so when you click the hyperlink, bookmark it and print it out for future reference. When they're old enough to understand Dick and Jane, read it to your kids or make your kids read it. While you're at it, make sure they understand it.

Why? Because we have a crop of dunderheads governing the circus in Washington who seem to have forgotten the lesson. We have another crop of dunderheads teaching in schools and universities that have forgotten the lesson. And there's an even worse crop of dunderheads who know the lesson, but want to erase every last vestige of it from peoples' minds. You see, they want the United States to be a wonderful "utopia" just like Cuba or Venezuela. They want everyone to be equal -- equally poor, that is.

And they want power. Badly.

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