Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sundry Stories and Outrages

Little time today, but I thought I'd pass on these stories of note and brief comment. First, Rush Limbaugh is a bit livid with the Republican Party at the moment. I can't say I blame him, after seeing Newt Gingrich's defense of backing a liberal Republican out East over a genuine conservative. I'm disappointed in Newt, because he should know better as a conservative. Rockefeller-type Republicans do this over and over again, insisting that conservatives have no where else to go. I personally am tired of it, and hope the Rockefeller Republican loses badly.

Next, it looks like Levi Johnston's at it again with Sarah Palin. Now he's hinting he's got lots of dirt on Governor Palin. This the boy who impregnated her daughter out of wedlock, and is now going to pose nude for a pornography magazine. Why the media takes this guy seriously is hard to understand. Well, no it's not. Anything to stick it to a conservative.

And finally, this little Cyrus update. Looks like Miley Cyrus' nine-year-old sister is raising some eyebrows over a dominatrix-type Halloween costume.

This needs little comment. I've already raised concerns in this blog about Miley's behavior, and let me stress again, I raise the concerns because this is supposed to be a Christian family. Christians are supposed to be ambassadors of Christ, and that means keeping our behavior above reproach.

Somehow, letting little girls dress in racy costumes doesn't strike me as appropriate. And that's putting it mildly.


Anonymous said...

Limbaugh is right on with his comments.

Levi is an idiot.

Miley looks and acts (at least on stage) like a whore.

saunch said...

Right on Joel and Stan. Some of the Republican "leaders" just don't get it. Maybe we need a Conservative Party. Oh, ROLL TIDE. Sorry Stan

Anonymous said...

At least you're an SEC fan!!!

Palm boy said...

Ditt Stan's first comment, loi.