Thursday, November 05, 2009

More Liberal Sneers at the "Great Unwashed"

We've always known that the left consists of elitists who consider the rest of us too stupid to govern ourselves. Actor Ted Danson offers the latest proof.

Keep this in mind when you watch the headlines and listen to what liberals say as they urge passage of their health care monstrosity, or other "solutions" to social ills.

And by the way, note to Ted: No, we're not marionettes with a herd mentality. We happen to agree with each other on what's wrong with the country. And we're getting mad too.


Stan McCullars said...

I thought it was the Christians who were so full of hate.

Better rethink that, huh?

lee n. field said...

You know, up until this post I'd spent years not thinking about Ted Danson. Years.

Thanks a lot.