Sunday, November 01, 2009

More Warnings From Britain

For many years now, I have been a subscriber to British Heritage magazine. Yeah, yeah, I know. "Griffith" is a Welsh name. But it's the same island, and I believe I have British and Irish heritage in addition to Welsh. Nevertheless, it's a great magazine with plenty of historical articles of interest each month. I recommend it highly.

The reason I am highlighting British Heritage in this post is because of editor Dana Huntley's most recent installment of his column, "Our Sceptered Isle." In it, he sounds some warnings about how the "Nanny State" is consuming England, including the use of CCTV cameras to watch the populace in true "Big Brother" style. Here's a brief clip of his remarks:

The justification for this intrusion into the everyday lives of its citizens, of course, is security. The cameras are anti-crime devices. It's the oldest totalitarian dodge in the book: convincing people to accept a curtailment of their freedom and privacy in the interest of their security.

Now it turns out that in London, home to almost a million CCTV cameras, the Metropolitan Police have admitted that less than one crime per year is solved for every 1,000 cameras. Separate research conducted by the Home Office concluded that the cameras did virtually nothing to cut crime, except to deter vehicle crime in car parks. MP David Davis, former shadow Home Secretary, summarizes: 'CCTV leades to massive expense and minimum effectiveness. It creates a huge intrusion on privacy, yet provides little to no improvement in security.' He speaks for many.

Mr. Huntley goes on to comment about Britain's jobless rate and health care situation, and the hapless Labour government . . .

Meanwhile, Britain's jobless rate remains high. In fact, it's come out that a cool 1.5 million people have never held a job and live permanently on Britain's "benefits." The phenomenon is even shamelessly depicted by a popular T.V. drama series appropriately titled 'Shameless.'

Most of us already know that whatever model of health care reform adopted in the U.S., we probably don't want to swap our care for the NHS. To add insult to injury, on Bank Holiday headlines across the media proclaimed that British prisons provide better food than NHS hospitals. Hmm.

Very, very interesting. It seems that Britain's Labour government is about to lose its head, but the socialist-type system will be hard to get rid of in the UK because it's so firmly established. That makes me wonder anew why we seem to be in such a hurry to adopt it here. Perhaps that's why the Obama Administration and the Democratic Congress are hell-bent for leather on ramming their programs through. Once they're enacted, they'll be very, very hard to get rid of.

As the late President Ronald Reagan once said, the next thing to eternal life is a government program.

God help us.


Caleb Kolstad said...

Hope you're doing well in the Lord!

Palm boy said...

I wonder if the CCTV camera's ineffectiveness is due to lack of manpower observing the cameras, or criminals avoidance of the cameras. Interesting subject.

Solameanie said...

Hi, Caleb. Yes, I'm well, but burning the candle at both ends.

Robert, that's a good question. Regardless of the effectiveness, the "Big Brother" aspect of it is what bugs me. And here in the good old USA, we've got Hizzoner Daley in Chicago wanting them used here.