Sunday, November 15, 2009

Obama Bows Again

Doesn't this photo just take the cake? The president of the United States bowing to Japanese Emperor Akihito. The head of state is not supposed to bow to another head of state under our protocol, but I guess we should start getting used to it with this guy.

What's interesting is this: if you remember, there was a flap a few months ago when Obama was caught on camera appearing to bow to Saudi King Abdullah. The White House denied it at the time, despite what was captured on camera. I forget exactly what the excuse was. Something about the Saudi ruler being short, hard of hearing or some such folderol.

Well, this time it's unmistakable, and again . . . caught on camera.

Let's see if Obama ends up kissing the foot of another head of state in time. Or groveling on the floor.


Anonymous said...

Obama is clearing under the spell of King Abdullah.

Imagine what could have happened had the Emperor been a master of Muay Thai.

Oddly enough, my Word Verification is JUDOsible

Solameanie said...

I hate to think we'll have to call him the Groveler in Chief, but that seems to be the way it's headed. He clearly either doesn't understand diplomatic protocol for a head of state, or is bound and determined to subordinate the U.S. in true global fashion.

lee n. field said...

Isn't the protocol with the Japanese that you try to match the other's bow?

The 0ne needs a protocol droid, before he ends up flat on his front groveling before some wannabe potentate.

"You're an American. Act like it!"

Strong Tower said...

R2D2, It is you, it is you.


See, I told you, "Made in Japan"


You got rice.