Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Contempt for the Constitution

I think we've known for some time that many within academia despise the Constitution, as well as those who advocate sticking to it. Over at WorldNetDaily, columnist John Lofton gives a pretty devastating example.

Take some time today and read John's column. It's worth every word.


Ron said...

I would not be surprised to see the Freedom of Relgion portion of the Constitution come under attack in new ways in the future. Though I agree with the stance indicated within the Manhattan Declaration, and since the Freedom of Religion language was derived from a Christian construct, the argument of Government imposing it's will against the Scriptural decrees of Christianity have clear distinctions. But how will that be understood outside the scope of Christianity, such as Islam, with honor killings being just ine example of practicing religion? A tough topic to discuss is a mediumm such as this.

Rob Auld said...

I love taking political arguements from the uneducated. This guy is proud he didn't go to college. What a joke.

Solameanie said...

Rob, typical liberal elitism. Shame on you. Just because someone "didn't go to college" doesn't mean they're uneducated. Why don't you read what he said and engage with it instead of throwing silly, childish barbs.

I had only two years of college, and was already quite well read before I got there. I have continued to read and study since then, including learning in the best school there is, called "Life"

Maybe by the time you're my age, you might begin to learn some of this yourself.