Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Dry Well or Too Busy?

My regular readers have probably noticed that I haven't been very prolific with posts of late. I regret that very much, but so it is.

The reasons are numerous. First, I've had a recent change in job responsibilities, and that has kept me very, very busy. When I get home at night after spending much of the day on the computer, I don't feel much like tangling with it again. Second, my mother has not been well in recent weeks, and just got out of the hospital with a bout of pneumonia. Third, I almost think I'm on information overload. There are many things happening day by day that deserve some comment, but I feel all commented out at the moment. I'll bet you never thought that could happen!

Seriously, bear with me through this rough patch. I will do my best to snap out of my writers' block, pun intended. Might not happen until after the holidays, but we'll do our best.

I must be feeling something. I'm using the royal "we."

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