Monday, December 28, 2009

A Hypothetical on Hypocrisy

I had an interesting -- and admittedly cynical -- thought hit me this evening while watching the latest news about the would-be Detroit airplane bomber.

From the reports, it appears this young Nigerian alleged wannabe terrorist was in considerable pain from third-degree burns after his botched bombing attempt aboard the Delta airliner. What if it turns out that the current powers that be ordered painkiller withheld from the terrorist until he talked. What if? Just imagine.

If such a thing indeed happened -- and I am only surmising -- do you think that the hue and cry from the media and the left will be as vociferous as it was against the Bush Administration for waterboarding Al Qaeda terrorists?

Just asking. And I'm waiting for the leak from within.


Don said...

Hi. I just flipping through blogs and landed on yours. I haven.t, as of yet, read many of your posts. I just wanted to leave a message about the "left". I live in a country that, in comparison to yours, is very left. Even our right wing is traditionally more left than yours.

I have a problem with people talking down about the left as if it is a bad thing to be. However the right has really done some really stupid things in the past as well, and continues to do so. I heard a report about mining companies from my country and the affect they have on the nations where they mine. They mine the places to death and poison he waters and land without giving much, if anything back to the people there. Also part of the discussion was the affect of countries in Africa. How corrupt African dictators are held in power by self serving foreign powers. Sadly, there are examples of leaders being assassinated because they differed from the interests of foreign nations. Some of these assassinations were payed for by foreign intelligence agencies.

What really happens when we allow things like this to happen? Are we breading a new crop of future enemies?

Being left wing is not a bad thing. It is an understanding, for me, that we are all people. All people should share in the wealth of their nation. So if that means that I pay a tax so that someone else can afford to go to a hospital than so be it. Fortunately for us we also had left wing controls on our economy which helped save us from spiraling out of control during this down turn.

We are neighbours yet, sometimes, our culture seems to be so vastly different that we have difficulty understanding each other. Than again, you can see the influence that we have had on each other, from music, art, science, and sports.

To tie all of this rambling together, perhaps it is time that we all gathered in the "center" and not just look after our own interests , in our small part of the world, but to also look after everyones interest. We shouldn't be so concerned about sending corporations into countries to reap what they may and then get out. We should be concerned about the affect they have on the other nation. We should be making friends, not creating enemies.

Terrorism is terrorism, whether it is some fundamentalist twit that wants to blow them self up, or a militia that continuously kills local people for the well being of a foreign corporation. we are but one race of many tribes.

Solameanie said...

Hi, Don..

Thanks for your comments, and for the very intelligent, thoughtful way in which you expressed them.

I want to respond to your comments in a coherent fashion, but am fighting a splitting migraine at the moment. Later this evening after the painkiller kicks in, I will answer more substantively. The one remark I can make right now that might be helpful is that sometimes the traditions and histories of different countries can color our perspectives on how we view things. The American political tradition is a bit different than what you find in Europe. Even in England, the Tory or Conservative Party might share similar fiscal views to American conservatives, but there are significant differences in other areas. American conservatism stems from our traditions and how we were founded as a nation, with the values of limited government and free enterprise.

More later, and thanks again for visiting!

Solameanie said...

Hi, Don..sorry for the delay. It's been nuts around here with my schedule.

The first thing I'd say is that I have to address all of this in a United States context. There is a difference in what the "left" is today versus what it used to be years ago. Today's leftists aren't the same as a traditional liberal would have been in another generation. Even in modern times in our Democratic Party, politicians like Hubert Humphrey, John F. Kennedy and Harry Truman would probably be appalled at some of the things today's Democratic Party stands for. When I talk of the left, I am talking about the radical far-leftists of the Marxist-Socialist-Progressive variety. These types have a very deep disdain for American history and traditional values. In fact, our current president, Barack Obama, in his own words, views our Constitution as an impediment because it restrains government.

The next thing I could say in short order is that we traditionally value free enterprise as a good thing, and the best prescription for an economy. Socialism doesn't work, and that has been proven over and over again wherever it's been tried. But that is the gulf in philosophy that we are facing. Today's left views government as the end all and be all, while traditional conservatives like me believe that the government that governs best governs least. Our federal government has proven over and over again that they can't run anything efficiently. All that happens when government gets involved is a bloated, bureaucratic, dictatorial nightmare.

More later as I have opportunity. I want to address what you said about Africa, as I think we might have some agreement there.