Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Obama Greater than Jesus?

No, John Lennon hasn't returned from the dead, and he hasn't modified his controversial "Beatles more popular than Jesus" line. There's no need to do a double-take. Although I think we can freely wonder whether some people have boulders in their head.

This little article/commentary in the Dutch publication "Politiken" is raising a few eyebrows. It's hard to tell exactly what the author's point is, although it does seem a pretty obvious shot at conservatives. The author points out that conservatives have been very critical and yes, somewhat mocking, of the far-left (including the media) for giving Barack Obama messianic attributes. Then the column proceeds to hail Obama's accomplishments versus those of Christ. Oddly, he blames conservatives for initiating the comparisons between Jesus and Obama, which causes me to scratch my head. Obama's acolytes brought that all on themselves, and it was beyond painfully obvious. Yet, I suppose I should stop expecting liberals to make sense. To be charitable, perhaps something was lost in the translation.

Whatever the case, I have to differ. Barack Obama isn't a savior. He's an iconoclast.

Chew on that one for a while.


lee n. field said...

>He's an iconoclast.

A destroyer of images? Not sure what you're getting at there.

Solameanie said...
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Solameanie said...

It has a secondary definition i.e. destroyer of dogma, conventions, traditions etc. He's certainly trying his best to destroy the American way of life.

lee n. field said...

OK. When I see the term, I tend to think of the iconoclast controversy from church history, and later reformation era aversion to visible representations of God for 2nd commandment reasons.

Palm boy said...

I was going to go for Demogouge and populist myself.