Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Don't Crow Too Soon

The political prognosticators and the chattering classes are all abuzz with the news that Democratic Senators Chris Dodd and Byron Dorgan are not going to seek re-election. The speculation is that since Dems are expected to take a beating at the polls, the two in-trouble senators (not to mention other lawmakers who are leaving) don't want to face the wrath of the voters and possibly to give their party a better chance at retaining the seats with fresh faces.

If I could say anything to conservatives, I wouldn't crow too soon over this. A lot of water can go under the bridge between now and the next election. More importantly, remember that it takes veto-proof majorities in both houses of Congress to accomplish anything. It will take more than this in the Senate, where a 60-vote majority is needed to get anything done. Also remember that you will always have "Republicans" like Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe who tend to vote with the Democrats when it counts. They will need to be replaced or overcome by numbers.

If that sounds pessimistic, it is. I've been around too long. I do hope that I'll be wrong, and we indeed get a true, working conservative majority in both houses — a majority that will be able to thwart any filibusters, override any vetos and not need to depend on RINO Republicans.

We'll see.

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