Friday, January 22, 2010

The Electronic Septic Tank Gets Bigger

After a couple of days' respite from entertainment news, I arrived at my office only to find the most recent issues of USA Today on my desk. In the Wednesday "Life" section, a couple of articles were prominently featured. First was this feature piece on just how raunchy the upcoming television season was going to be here in the U.S. And not just on cable, which has always had looser standards than American broadcast television.

Next was this little ditty on Starz' new offering. It's called "Spartacus," with Xena star Lucy Lawless in a starring role.

After reading the articles, I found myself mostly saddened. Angry and outraged, of course, but more sad than anything else. I can't really say I was surprised, because I've been expecting this kind of thing to intensify eventually. It was bound to happen given the camel's proboscis under the tent already.

There really isn't any excuse for it. None. They certainly can't claim they're doing it for the art. They might as well finger-paint with feces and call it art. On second thought, maybe I shouldn't have suggested that. Someone will try it now, and probably get a government grant for it.

The really sad thing is that Lucy Lawless is a talented actress and singer. It saddens me when people take their God-given gifts -- gifts that could be a blessing and inspiration to so many -- gifts that could be used to make all sorts of deeply moving and uplifting films or shows, and then waste them in trash like this. And please, spare me the usual protestations that "you haven't seen it, so you can't judge." As the old adage goes, I don't have to take the cap off the cesspool to know that it stinks. The descriptions given in the articles and by the participating actors/producers themselves say quite enough.

Finally, what does this say about our society that we even stomach such fare? Years ago, there would have been explosive outrage. Now it just merits a ho-hum. Even from Christians who ought to be grieved to the depths of their souls.

Christians who have become far too comfortable with Sodom like Lot's wife.

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Palm boy said...

And what does it say about a paper that publishes nonsense like this as news?