Friday, January 08, 2010

Useless Longing

I need a vacation. Badly.

My last real vacation was more than two years ago, fishing in Arkansas with my late uncle. Since then, most of my vacation days have been spent at doctors and hospitals due to illnesses in the family, or the occasional non-traveling local "rest" day.

Going to Arkansas wouldn't do much good at the moment. It's just as cold there as it is here in northern Illinois. But spring and summer are coming, should the Lord tarry in His return. Will I get to go and wander aimlessly around the Ozarks this year?

I don't know. But I can always long for it.


crownring said...

I'm with you in longing for a vacation, Sola. The last one Hubby and I took was 6 years ago when we went to Nashville to celebrate our 25th anniversary. But while you long for green hills and rustic trails, I long for blue water and uncrowded warm sandy beaches. May the Lord bless us both by granting our hearts' desires for peace and refreshment!

Palm boy said...

Do you enjoy fly fishing?

Solameanie said...

I've never tried fly fishing. Just crappie fishing from a boat or whatever bites from the bank. Knowing my luck, if I tried to fish with a fly rod I'd snag my eye.