Monday, February 15, 2010

Global Warming Meltdown

In light of these revelations from climate scientist Phil Jones, one does have to wonder where the flapdoodle over global warming/climate change goes from here.

One thing that has not changed is my own belief. I really think this whole climate change uproar has very little to do with genuine concern over the environment on the part of many of its advocates. It has much, much more to do with power and control, and building a globalist system to exercise that power and control over people's lives.


lee n. field said...

My brother sent me this: Frozen Wasteland . A minor amusement to a classic Who tune. That sparked a wander through Wikipedia.

Wikipedia on Fimbulwinter: "There have been several popular speculations about whether this particular piece of mythology has a connection to the climate change that occurred in the Nordic countries at the end of the Nordic Bronze Age, about 650 BC. Before this climate change, the Nordic countries were considerably warmer.[2]"


Wikipedia on Nordic Bronze Age adds this: "The Nordic Bronze Age was characterized by a warm climate that began with a climate change circa 2700 BC (comparable to that of present-day central Germany and northern France). The warm climate permitted a relatively dense population and good farming, for example grapes were grown in Scandinavia at this time. However a small change in climate between 850 BC and 760 BC and a more radical one circa 650 BC brought in a deteriorating, wetter and colder climate (sometimes believed to have given rise to the legend of the Fimbulwinter)."

So, most of a millenium before Abraham left Ur things got warm enough to grow grapes in Sweden, and stayed that way till roughly the time of the prophet Jeremiah.

Al Gore, call your office.

Solameanie said...

Lee, hilarious!