Monday, February 15, 2010

Lawmakers Jumping Ship?

It appears the list of lawmakers deciding not to run for re-election is growing. Today, Indiana Democratic Senator Evan Bayh announced that he is not running for another term. And this despite apparently being ahead of likely GOP challenger Dan Coats in the polls.

Of course, an eternity exists between now and November politically, and that 20 point lead could evaporate. But this has happened enough of late to start me wondering -- wondering all the more so because it's not just politically-challenged Democrats deciding not to run. Several Republicans are retiring as well.

Is it possible that they see a humongous financial train wreck looming ahead, and they don't want to be in office to deal with it? A train wreck that will make the Great Depression look like a Sunday walk in the park?

It is very, very possible.


Anonymous said...

Shark infested waters would be appropriate.

Rob Auld said...

This is too bad. When smart people vacate seats it leaves them open to the stupid. Republican or Democrat.

crownring said...

Here's a even bigger bombshell, Sola.

Evan Bayh is advocating that the people vote all incumbents out of office. Now that's a huge shocker to hear from the lips of a career politician!