Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mychal Massie and Elton John

In a published column over at WorldNetDaily, Mychal Massie took up the subject of homosexual singer Elton John and his recent comments trying to pin the gay label on the Lord Jesus Christ.

I thought about posting something to chide Elton for such stupid (and false) comments, but figured correctly that enough people -- bloggers, commentators, pastors and scholars -- would give him a chain-yank over them. However, Mr. Massie takes the subject up from a different angle -- highlighting the very "un-gay" life many male homosexuals lead, including rather serious health issues that are the consequence of such a lifestyle.

In years past on my radio program, I've had Dr. Stanley Monteith on to discuss this subject, some of it too graphic for air and to be in print. As a medical doctor, Monteith knows his subject matter. Isn't it interesting, though, that you won't hear much of this if any via the lamestream media?

God's Word makes it very clear that homosexuality is an abomination. However, God's grace and mercy as shown through the Lord Jesus Christ can redeem people in that sin, just as He redeems all sinners. Everyone has a sin nature, but it manifests itself in different people in different ways.

We need to pray for Elton John and his repentance. And we also need to pray that the hard truth gets told. Kudos to Mychal Massie for bringing it to light again.


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