Friday, February 12, 2010

Pray for the Olympic Athletes

It's not looking good thus far for the Olympic games in Vancouver. Here we have the American Deep South under winter storm warnings, and Vancouver has had a hard time getting enough snow. They did get some this week, which helped, but the weather isn't the only problem.

Earlier in the week, skier Lindsey Vonn received a serious shin injury that threatened her competition in the games. Now comes word of Nodar Kumaritashvili's death in a luge accident. The Georgian athlete lost control of his luge, ended up going over the track wall and straight into an unpadded pole. An awful event for a country still recovering from a war with Russia and never-ending political turmoil.

It's sad because by all accounts, Vancouver is a lovely area. No country or community winning the chance to host the Olympics wants a pall cast over the events. I'll never forget the Munich Olympics, which will forever be marred by the murders of the Israeli athletes by Palestinian terrorists. That's what people tend to remember first instead of the athletic competitions.

I hope and pray things get better. And as you pray this week, remember to lift the athletes before the Lord. Not only for their protection, but also that there will be opportunities for them to hear the Gospel while at the games. There are always believers present to share Christ, and with things off to a tragic start, there will be need for plenty of comfort, and the love of God.

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