Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Go Ask Alice?

Lots of buzz these days about the new "Alice in Wonderland" movie by Tim Burton. Given todays' review of the movie soundtrack album by Edna Gunderson, there might well be some more buzz and not all of it positive.

The review says the soundtrack is pretty much bland fare, except for a track called "Tea Party" by someone named "Kerli." That one is, in the reviewer's words, "salty" and "innuendo-packed," and will leave many parents wondering how it got by Disney's censors.

The question ought to be why censors would even be necessary. If this is a children's project, what's the point of putting a vulgar song in the soundtrack? I'm sure the stock answer will be that they want to appeal to adults, too. But subversiveness seems more likely to me.

That brings me to another point. It's funny to me how, when this type of stuff comes up in the film, stage, music or print world, such humor or material is called "adult."

Actually, it's far from being adult and mature. It's pretty juvenile.

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