Thursday, March 04, 2010

Larry Elder Defends Sen. Bunning

When the news first broke about Senator Jim Bunning's lone-man show against the extension of unemployment benefits, I knew that he'd be in for a shellacking from the media. I also knew that the Democrats would use it to tar the entire GOP.

At first blush -- knowing Bunning's tense relationship with majority leader and fellow Kentucky senator Mitch McConnell -- I suspected that Bunning was doing this largely for the sake of revenge. McConnell and other Republicans pushed Bunning to not seek re-election. What better way to slap back than to stage a stunt that you know full well will be hung like an albatross on the necks of Republicans -- no matter what you say is your motivation.

Larry Elder's WorldNetDaily column today is making me rethink that suspicion. I also read Bunning's editorial in USA Today, and heard him on Sean Hannity last evening. I think Bunning makes a legitimate point.

Unfortunately, the entitlement mindset has too much of a stranglehold on this country.

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