Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Examples from the U.K.

Now and then, an incident happens across the pond that serves useful here in the U.S. Today's lesson is the way that the left looks at people who disagree with them, and tries to paint them in the worst possible light. Of course, the right can be guilty of doing the same thing, but the disdain the left has for ordinary people (while pretending to have their best interests at heart) never ceases to amaze.

British prime minister Gordon Brown is in a tough re-election fight. Recently, he was caught on tape referring to a voter as a "bigot." Her perfidy? Daring to ask him honest questions about the impact of unrestrained immigration on U.K. society, especially the economy and pocketbooks of average citizens.

Mr. Brown apologized for the slur, but in a way I am glad it happened, because it really is illustrative of what we deal with here. People rightly have all sorts of concerns about illegal immigration along the U.S. southern border. The reasons are myriad, from economic to security. But the left likes to play the race and bigotry cards, falsely charging people with those offenses for daring to want to uphold our law and sovereignty as a nation. Never mind that many Hispanic Americans are outraged at the illegals. The media won't focus on them because it doesn't fit their chosen narrative.

The left's "compassion" is more like cotton candy, tasting good at first but disappearing after you put it in your mouth, and generally leaving a bad aftertaste. Most of these politicians and media types could care less about the plight of illegal immigrants. They see them purely as future voters to help keep them in power, so they'll do anything short of murder to see that they are given amnesty and citizenship.

Cynical of me? Maybe. But I'll bet I'm not far off the mark.

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