Thursday, April 08, 2010

I Love Bears Update

This wonderful photo is in connection with a 71-year-old man in Alaska who was found guilty and received stiff fines for feeding bears. Kind of sad, isn't it. This looks like a real chummy group.

Why can't they leave the old guy alone?


crownring said...

Hi Sola,

I know of your special fondness for bears, so it's difficult for me to say this.

Human beings should not be feeding bears under any circumstance outside of captivity. Period. It's not good for the bears and it's DANGEROUS to people. If you've never seen a bear breaking into a locked car to get to the food inside, you need to see this video. This is what happens when bears become accustomed to eating our food.

Solameanie said...

Oh, I know that, crownring. I have no desire for anyone to get hurt. More just me being silly, and a little sympathetic to an old guy who loves the critters.