Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sundry Outrages and Issues

There are two items in the news today that need some perusal and comment.

First is this little item from USA Today talking about the decline in faith among the younger set. Cathy Lynn Grossman's article highlights some grim statistics about young adults -- 65 percent rarely or never pray with others, and 38 percent almost never pray themselves. Some 65 percent rarely or never attend worship services, and 67 percent don't read the Bible or "sacred texts." Many are unsure Jesus is the only path to heaven, half say yes, half no. You get the idea.

Stories like this in the past have helped fuel usually well-intentioned, yet very unwise, biblically unsound ideas to try and bring young adults and families back in the door of the church. The Emergent nonsense is a good example of it. But thankfully, the article quotes Thom Rainer, president of LifeWay Christian resources. "We have dumbed down what it means to be part of the church so much that it means almost nothing, even to people who already say they are part of the church."

Exactly. Preach the Gospel uncompromisingly, and adhere strictly to biblical orthodoxy and orthopraxis. The Holy Spirit will draw people to saving faith. That's His business. The Lord will build His church, and nothing will stop Him. Not even statistics.

Next comes this little gem from the Christian Post. Newly outed "Christian" singer Jennifer Knapp tries to justify her lesbianism by saying that we can't trust biblical translations on the issue. She throws the bomb, but insists that she's not a theologian or a Bible scholar. Oh, really?

Perhaps she should kindly be quiet, and get some education on the subject from people who actually do know what they're talking about when it comes to biblical translation and interpretation.

While she's at it, she might consider repentance.

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lee n. field said...

"Most are just indifferent. The more precisely you try to measure their Christianity, the fewer you find committed to the faith."

You'll like this one too: Survey: 1 in 4 U.S. Christians Identify as Pentecostalthis one. Not specifically about pentecostalism (a problem for another day), but to draw your attention to this quote: "Moreover, the youngest believers offer a more existentialist view of the Holy Spirit with 68 percent saying they believe that the third person of the trinity is just "a symbol of God’s power or presence, but is not a living entity." Fifty-nine percent of Christians aged 26 to 44 and 55 percent of Boomers agree."

So, nearly 70 percent do not have anything like an orthodox conception of the Trinity, and the numbers get only slightly better with age.

What are they hearing? Where would people pick up, you know, basic Christian doctrine?

I guess that means we need another sermon series on marriage.