Saturday, April 03, 2010

Thoughts from B.B. Warfield

Soteriology of Calvinism

Soteriology, or how we are saved, is vitally important in Christian theology. When you add human works to the Gospel, it nullifies the Gospel. As we prepare to observe Resurrection Day tomorrow, I think it's good to remember that biblical fact.

As I was reading B.B. Warfield this weekend, I came upon this passage discussing the soteriology of Calvinism. I really love the way that it gives God all the glory . . .

Thus it comes about that the doctrine of monergistic regeneration — or as it was phrased by the older theologians, of "irresistible grace" or "effectual calling" — is the hinge of the Calvinistic soteriology, and lies much more deeply embedded in the system than the doctrine of predestination itself which is popularly looked on as its hallmark. Indeed, the soteriological significance of predestination to the Calvinist consists in the safeguard it affords to monergistic regeneration — to purely supernatural salvation. What lies at the heart of his soteriology is the absolute exclusion of the creaturely element in the initiation of the saving process, so that the pure grace of God may be magnified. Only so could he express his sense of man's complete dependence as sinner on the free mercy of a saving God; or extrude the evil leaven of Synergism (q.v.) by which, as he clearly sees, God is robbed of His glory and man is encouraged to think that he owes to some power, some act of choice, some initiative of his own, his participation in that salvation which is in reality all of grace.

The Seventh Sola wishes everyone a most blessed Resurrection Sunday.

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