Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Way Politics Ought to Be

The South has a reputation for dirty politics, but now and then an example comes along that belies the stereotype and encourages the heart.

Check out this Harrison Daily Times story from Harrison, Arkansas. The race in question was a heavily contested Republican primary for the seat of outgoing Congressman John Boozman. The winner of the primary this week was Cecile Bledsoe, who had this to say about his opponents . . .

In a Wednesday press release, Bledsoe said, “I want to congratulate my opponents for their vigorous campaigns. Over the last three months, I have spent more time with Gunner, Bernie, Doug, Mike, Steve, and Kurt than I’ve spent with my own family. They are all formidable candidates, good Christian men, and patriotic Americans.”

The photo is of candidate and Boone County Judge Mike Moore, who was a candidate, as was another official named Steve Womack, the mayor of Rogers, Arkansas. Here's what he had to say about Moore . . .

Asked about his competitor, Moore, Womack said, “A lot of people in Boone County liked us, they liked our message. But they liked Mike Moore. They said, ‘He’s one of ours.’”

Womack said he said he also likes Moore. “We are both in the executive branch of government, we both have the same principles, and we have servants’ hearts,” he said.

Compare this shining example of good citizenship with the childishness and fecal slinging going on in Washington these days. Maybe the country (especially on the federal level) could learn something from Arkansas.

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