Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Woody Allen: Obama for Dictator

Sometimes stories come along that make you just shake your head and sigh. This is one of them.

At least there's one good thing about it. Someone like Woody Allen making statements like this actually helps conservatives make their case about liberals. I like not having to work or argue to make a point. Thanks, Woodster.


lee n. field said...

We're a few links away from the original source on that. Your link point to something on Fox, that quotes a statement translated from Spanish (but does not link to it).

Woody Allen's another one I haven't payed much attention to in decades. Goodness, he looks as old as my Dad now.

Let me guess: Woody also thinks Roman Polanski's being railroaded?

Solameanie said...

Lee, I clicked on the link to check, and it takes me to the L.A. Times blog quoting Allen as thinking it was too bad Obama couldn't be a dictator for a while.

Regardless, Woody Allen is the last person to whom I'm going to look for political and/or moral advice.