Monday, June 14, 2010

Charlie, We Never Knew Ye . . .

It must be the Arlen Specter virus.

I'm talking about politicians cynically switching parties and/or flopping all over the place in their public positions. Outgoing Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter began his political career as a Democrat back in the 1960s, only to become a RINO Republican who maddened GOP conservatives more than anything else. When he saw that Republican voters were going to fire him, he arrogantly switched back to being a Democrat, and promptly lost his seat. Hip, hip hooray.

Now we have the Charlie Crist situation in Florida. Previously Republican, the governor was seen by Republican voters as too chummy with Barack Obama, and Marco Rubio looked well on his way to trouncing Crist in the primary. What did Charlie do? He bailed on the GOP and went "Independent." And that's not all.

The governor ran on a pro-life platform back in 2006, although he had described himself as "pro-choice" on abortion prior to that. According to this article in the Christian Post, Gov. Crist has gone back to his pro-abortion rights stance. He vetoed a strongly pro-life bill passed by the Florida legislature.

I think most of us conservatives are getting tired of the Specters and Crists in our midst. But it's not enough that we expunge them out of the GOP. We need to make sure they get bounced out of elective office entirely.

You just can't trust them.


Anonymous said...

Charlie has always been anti-life. Even when he declared himself to be pro-life he supported harvesting babies for their stem cells.

Despicable man.

Solameanie said...

I'm glad that at least people are waking up and seeing it. These guys have managed to fly under the radar way too long.