Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Notice on Comment Moderation

To long-time readers of this blog,

I have had to enable comment moderation for the time being. I am not happy about it, but have no choice. This blog, along with some other Christian blogs, has apparently been targeted by some individuals involved in pornographic or sexually suggestive websites. They post comments in Oriental alphabet, with hyperlinks back to very racy websites. It doesn't seem to be the typical spam, because I have word verification enabled and they get past that safeguard.

I am aware that there are IP-banning features available, according to a reader of this blog, but I haven't had time to put it into practice yet. That may become an option as soon as I can focus on it.

It's sad that nonsense like this has to go on. Now that comment moderation has been enabled, the idiots doing this must understand that their perverted little posts will not see the light of day on The Seventh Sola. But apparently they are really, really dense. So be it. I can keep hitting the delete key with pleasure.

In the meantime, everyone who wishes to post a normal comment here, please continue to do so and rest assured that I will review and post it as soon as possible. And yes, even those who disagree with me (civilly, of course). Just don't post links to porn sites.

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