Thursday, June 24, 2010

Paul, You Stop Now. Please.

Like most Americans of my generation, I love Paul McCartney's music. I guess that's why it irritates me all the more when he says stuff like this.

Being a global-warming skeptic is equal to being a Holocaust denier? Oh, puhleeze! Give me a royal break! I can overlook Paul's rather girlish gushing over Barack Obama, but that line was a bit much.

As an aside, when musicians and entertainers make such overtly partisan political statements, I wonder if they realize that they're alienating half their audience, at least in America. Maybe they don't care. At least until it hits them where it hurts. The pocketbook.


Palm boy said...

Artists like Paul live in an echo chamber, and they do a fine job parroting what all the 'smart' people around them say.

Solameanie said...

"Echo chamber." I like that!