Sunday, June 27, 2010

Proof of Inspiration

This week's installment from The Fundamentals

by Dr. James Gray (Part One)

The inspiration of the Bible is proven by the philosophy, or what may be called the nature of the case.

The proposition may be stated thus: The Bible is the history of the redemption of the race, or from the side of the individual, a supernatural revelation of the will of God to men for their salvation. But it was given to certain men of one age to be conveyed in writing to other men in different ages. Now all men experience difficulty in giving faithful reflection of their thoughts to others because of sin, ignorance, defective memory and the inaccuracy always incident to the use of language.

Therefore, it may be easily deduced that if the revelation is to be communicated precisely as originally received, the same supernatural power is required in the one case as in the other.

It may be proven by the history and character of the Bible.

In other words, all that has been assumed as to its authenticity and credibility. All that goes to prove these things goes to prove its inspiration.

To borrow, in part, the language of the Westminster Confession, "the heavenliness of its matter, the efficacy of its doctrine, the unity of its various parts, the majesty of its style and the scope and completeness of its design" all indicate the divinity of its origin.

The more we think upon it, the more we must be convinced that men unaided by the Spirit of God could neither have conceived, nor put together, nor preserved in its integrity that precious deposit known as the Sacred Oracles.

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