Thursday, July 15, 2010

ACORN Absolved?

There's an interesting account in this Politico article about a "review" of ACORN that found no illegality in their use of funds.

What makes it interesting to me is that the lefties are crowing about how this "absolves" ACORN of wrongdoing, and they're really enjoying the arrest of the two young conservative activists who filmed the video stings that got ACORN in hot water. Let's state some things here first.

1. I note with interest that ACORN commissioned this "review. "

2. Rachel Maddow of MSNBC did a report on this story, highlighting the "investigation" of liberal California Attorney General Jerry Brown (who is also a gubernatorial candidate) as somehow absolving ACORN. It also cites the General Accounting Office, which is headed by an Obama appointee and is also overseen by Congress, now under the firm control of Democrats.

3. The two activists who did the films are being prosecuted for allegedly breaking the law in doing the films. It's also alleged that the films were selectively edited to make ACORN look bad. Who is doing the prosecuting? Democratic prosecutors? The State's Attorney in Baltimore, Maryland?

Let's see the tapes in their entirety and find out how they were edited. Or better yet, let's get this into court where there can be discovery and/or cross examination.

4. I tend to dislike sting operations, especially those of the entrapment variety. If people were falsely charged, the accusers need to be held accountable.

But you'll forgive me if I remain highly skeptical.

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