Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Brief Pause . . .

I just realized (and was very aghast) that I haven't posted anything since July 20th. Not even my weekly installments from The Fundamentals. That's aggravating. When you begin a series, you need to keep up with it.

I really am sorry for the dearth of posts of late, but my schedule has been completely nuts. Increased responsibilities at the office, helping the folks out with medical visits and other issues, plus several unexpected preaching engagements. Earlier in the summer and late spring, it was several weekends to work on the radio studio . . . I guess you can get the idea.

If that wasn't enough, it's canning season for our garden. Green beans and potatoes are coming off now, with tomatoes and peppers to follow. That means at night after work for a while, I'm probably going to be busy helping my mother can and process produce. So, I am going to take a week's hiatus and see how things go. Lord willing, I'll be back to posting August 1st. Hopefully more regularly.

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