Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Islam and "Freedom"

I had to chuckle (albeit grimly) when the network news carried a story this week about Muslims taking to the streets in Europe over "burkha bans." I hunted in vain for the photo used in the report, where the marchers were carrying a huge banner saying "Down with the West."

What a laugh, and what hypocrisy. All in the same breath, they say "Down With the West" and yelling about "freedom." The laugh is that they're not willing to grant freedom to anyone else. Look at the signs. Look at the situations in countries where Islam reigns supreme. Dare to stand sometime on a street corner in Riyadh and begin preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ and see what happens. Try it sometime in Turkmenistan.

Here's the deal. They want to use Western freedoms to eventually gain control and take those freedoms away. Why are some Muslim figures here in the U.S. calling for state or national laws to become more "Sharia compliant?" We don't observe Sharia here, thank you very much. And we won't, if I have anything to say about it.

We'd better wake up and see what's happening. Radical Islam has a political component to it, and is the one instance where blanket "religious freedom" is not a good idea.

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