Tuesday, July 13, 2010

LCMS - Standing for Truth

I've always applauded the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod for holding to a core of biblical truth. That's not to say I agree with Lutheran doctrine in every point, but in terms of the Gospel and biblical inerrancy, they've been pretty solid.

In this Christian Post article, Gerald B. Kieschnick – president of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod – thanked his denomination for uniquely preserving the Gospel. The article goes on to describe ongoing issues as they relate to working with the far more liberal Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). Here's a clip discussing related activities at the Missouri Synod's convention . . .

During its eight-day convention this week, the LCMS will be considering resolutions in response to the ELCA's decision last summer to allow noncelibate gays and lesbians on the clergy roster. One of the resolutions commends the "Theological Implications of the 2009 ELCA Decisions" document for study and reference.

While the two Lutheran bodies had partnered together in works related to mercy and relief, the ELCA's action – or what Kieschnick described as a desertion of biblical truth – now threatens that cooperative relationship, the document states.

The document does not call the LCMS to immediately cut ties with the ELCA but it expresses hope that their theological position will be respected and that they can "avoid any policies or decisions which would require us to cease our support and involvement in their activities."

Further frank and serious discussions on the matter are also needed, it adds.

In his report Sunday, Kieschnick indicated that the ELCA has descended into "the swamps of compromise," deluded Christian doctrine, and edited "God's Word to suit the whims of the day."

And just as the LCMS defended the "purity of the Gospel" in the early 1970s, they are continuing that fight today, he noted.

One thing that troubles me about the words above is the reference to "further frank and serious discussions" on the matter. In other words, "dialogue." Liberals and progressives LOVE dialogue. Endless, endless dialogue until their opposition is worn down, tired and willing to eventually compromise (or cave in) to bring peace. I think it's time that the church (and by that, I mean the true, confessing church which holds to historic doctrine and biblical authority) puts an end to "dialogue." There is no dialogue when it comes to watering down the Gospel or watering down biblical standards. To the ELCA and any other liberal church group out there, our message ought to be "Repent!" There is no alternative and we will not listen to any further arguments. Discussion is over. When you have one body of "believers" that is hell-bent on abandoning biblical truth and adopting the world's values over God's values, there is nothing to discuss. The same could apply to conservative, Bible-believing Anglicans and the rebelling U.S. Episcopal Church.

Pastor Kieschnick concluded his remarks with this little warning, which I love . . .

"Time is short and Hell is hot," he noted. "I pray that we will recommit to proclaiming the one message of Christ and Him alone."

No doubt the reference to Hell will send liberals into hissy fits, but that's just fine. I'd like to send them into many more. It's high time, too!

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