Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wickham and Steele - What a Hoot!

Reading USA Today usually hikes my blood pressure, but now and then something comes along in its pages that is a real hoot.

I am talking about this week's column from liberal DeWayne Wickham, who is calling for GOP chairman Michael Steele to join the Democratic Party.

Now, some Republicans might well be happy if Mr. Steele does so, and Steele's background as cited by Mr. Wickham is interesting. Even more interesting is Wickham's applause for liberal Republicans like Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins and Scott Brown (and before them, liberal Maryland Republicans like Charles Matthias. Wickham likes these kinds of Republicans because they always vote with the Democrats when it counts. I hope Michael Steele isn't really one of their number, but we'll see.

The real hoot, though, is when DeWayne Wickham talks about the Democrats being open-minded and big-tent inclined. "No litmus tests are needed." Hmmm. Too bad the late Governor Bob Casey isn't around to respond to that one after being denied a slot at the Democratic Convention because of his pro-life views. As for so-called conservative or moderate Democrats, I don't see a whole lot of them willing to buck the Obama Administration these days. They huff and puff, and hem and haw, but in the end, their vote seems to be there when needed.

Oh, well. We need comic relief from time to time, and thanks to DeWayne Wickham for providing it.

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