Thursday, August 12, 2010

There's More to Britain than "Cool Brittania"

New British prime minister David Cameron is an interesting fellow. Now he's said something that's really caught my attention, and for which he deserves some applause.

In this recent BBC article, Mr. Cameron is quoted as saying that Britain needs to market itself more in keeping with its rich heritage, rather than the "Cool Britannia" approach pushed by the previous Labour government.

I couldn't agree with him more. In fact, history is "cool Britannia" as far as I'm concerned. Today's silly pop culture will not be remembered for much except its deleterious effects. But Hadrian's Wall and the Yorkshire Moors are still there.

While I'm indulging my inner Anglophile, let me highly recommend British Heritage magazine. Editor Dana Huntley and team do a marvelous, entertaining and informative job covering subjects and historic places of all sorts.

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