Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Timely Warning About Glenn Beck

You can say one thing for certain about Glenn Beck. He sure can generate passionate feelings on both sides of the political spectrum. Some see him as right on when it comes to political things, others see him as a total wack-job.

Personally, I agree with quite a bit of the things Glenn says about American history and politics when he's not being overly theatrical. However, I disagree sharply with his Mormonism, and that's where some of the danger lies when Christians get too enamored of him.

Brannon Howse (pictured) of Worldview Weekend recently wrote this linked article warning about crossing the line between political co-belligerence and spiritual camaraderie. Christians cross that line all too easily these days.

It reminds me of a story once told by a well-known pastor-teacher about another very well known conservative Christian leader some years back. They were together at a Christian event, and the leader in question was telling the pastor-teacher about taking a limo ride to a political function with the then-head of the Mormon church. The pastor-teacher asked the other Christian leader, "Did you share the Gospel with him?" The leader looked aghast and said something along the lines of "Oh, no! That would have jeopardized the political coalition I am trying to build."

Political coalitions at the expense of the Gospel. I'd like to see that one explained at the Judgment Seat.

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