Wednesday, September 29, 2010

False Tolerance

I always enjoy reading David Brickner's columns in the Jews for Jesus newsletter. This month's column is a keeper.

Titled "Outside the Camp," David's column talks about the reluctance of Christians to share the Gospel in the name of "building relationships" or "earning the right" to share it. He also rightly raps the modern notion of "tolerance." Here's a quote . . .

True tolerance is treating people decently regardless of how they may differ from you. The false tolerance demanded by today's society requires that you accept all beliefs as equally true, or if you can't do that, you keep quiet about it.

Keeping quiet about the Gospel is not an option for us as believers. If we wait to "earn the right," we'll never get around to sharing it. I'm still trying to learn that lesson, and for an introvert like me, it's not easy. But it's a must.

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