Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Airport Security? Do It Like Israel!

By now, I'm sure even non-flyers have heard of the growing outrage over what I call federally-paid group groping. In other words, the very, very invasive "pat downs" and nude body scans in the name of stopping terrorism on planes.

Columnist Franklin Naff has some cogent advice for us. In fact, it echoes something I've said on my radio program many times. If we're really interested in airline security, we ought to emulate the Israelis in how they do it. They're better than anyone else in the world.

Sadly, our government would rather be politically correct and try to coerce everyone like cattle in the name of "equality." In my more cynical moments, I could almost see the government relenting to the public outrage, then letting a terrorist bombing slip through so they can say, "See! See! We told you so!" Then they'd put through even more draconian measures.

Hopefully enough of the public is waking up to this stuff to the point Big Sis and allies are going to be slapped down a little.

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