Monday, November 15, 2010

Close Washington's "Open Bar"

I've always liked Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty, but have questioned whether he has national standing enough to mount a viable presidential campaign.

In a special op-ed piece written for the Union Leader, Governor Pawlenty rightly whacks the "open bar" in Washington D.C. He reminds us that "nothing is free."

As an aside, that's part of why my blood pressure goes up every time I see actor Andy Griffith's folksy puffery in favor of Obamacare. "Free checkups, free screenings." No, they're NOT free. Someone is paying for them, namely me.

Here's another aside to pop the left's bubble. I am not a millionaire. Not even close. In fact, my salary is only five figures. I'll bet you think I'm envious of those who make in excess of $250,000 and am demanding that they "pay their faire share."

Nope. I'll leave ginning up class warfare and envy to the left. I happen to know what creates jobs and what causes jobs to go elsewhere. And if little ol' me can understand it, I wish Washington would get it.

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Jack said...

I've seen Pawlenty on TV. He's a bit dry on the charisma meter.