Friday, November 12, 2010

I'm Really Getting Tired of This Stuff!

No doubt, many of you have seen this story about a new flag flap. Seems a patriotic 13-year-old named Cody has been proudly flying a flag on his bike for the past couple of months. Now, right at Veterans Day, Cody's school ordered him to take the flag off of his bike. The reason? A couple of students complained. And the school authorities said they were worried about "unrest."

This is a bunch of cockamamie nonsense. I am glad the school relented, and pledged afterward to focus their efforts on the students causing "unrest." Good idea. Follow it through with a good sound crack of a paddle on their backsides.

I'd be interested to know which students were complaining about the American flag, and more than that, where they got their notions about the American flag being so offensive. I'm beginning to wish we'd begin deportations of people who hate this country so much. I have a hunch that after a while of living in Haiti or Burma, they might be thankful for what they had here.

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