Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Neglect of Prophecy Pt 2

This week's installment from The Fundamentals

by Arno C. Gabelein

The prophecies of the Bible must be first of all divided into three classes:

1. Prophecies which have found already their fulfillment.

2. Prophecies which are now in process of fulfillment.

Many predictions written several thousand years ago are now being accomplished before our eyes. We mention those which relate to the national and spiritual condition of the Jewish people and the predictions concerning the moral and religious condition of the present age.

3. Prophecies which are still unfulfilled.

We have reference to those which predict the second, glorious and visible coming of our Lord, the re-gathering of Israel and their restoration to the land of promise, the judgments which will fall on the nations of the earth, the establishment of the Kingdom, the conversion of the world, universal peace and righteousness, the deliverance of groaning creation, and others.

These great prophecies of future things are often robbed of their literal and solemn meaning by a process of spiritualization. The visions of the prophets concerning Israel and Jerusalem, and the glories to come in a future age, are almost generally explained as having their fulfillment in the Church during the present age. However, our object is not to follow the unfulfilled prophecies, but prophecies fulfilled and in process of fulfillment. At the close of our treatise, we shall point out briefly that in the light of fulfilled prophecies, the literal fulfillment of prophecies still future is perfectly assured.

Editor's Note: I will try to post in future installments clips out of this essay by Mr. Gaebelein, however it is too lengthy and detailed to post the whole thing verbatim. If you don't have a copy of The Fundamentals, I highly recommend it. A very affordable version can be found at Christian Book Distributor's website.

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