Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fatal Union Games?

Those of us in Illinois remember the blizzards of the late 70s — one of which cost the late Chicago mayor Michael Bilandic his job. Now we have a similar contretemps brewing in New York City in the wake of the weekend blizzard that crippled transit.

Enter this little story from the New York Post, claiming that the city union bosses ordered a slowdown to protest budget cuts. People are mad enough at Michael Bloomberg, but if this story actually checks out, their rage could well be re-directed and rightly so.

Mayor Bloomberg was high-handed enough in his dismissal of the complaints, and he deserves a bit of a slap-down for his attitude. But this alleged action by the unions contributed to fatal consequences for several people. If proven, someone should cool their heels in jail for a while.

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Ron said...

Not trying to start an argument, but the article also says "the city broke from it's routine and didn't call in enough to avoid paying overtime for working Christmas day."
And if this accusation is proved unfounded, as usual, the accusor will never be held accountable.