Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Not Ashamed of the Gospel

Lord Carey, the former Archbishop of Canterbury in England, is helping to publicize "Not Ashamed Day" in response to what UK Christians believe are growing attacks on their faith.

Here is a BBC web article about the campaign. I am glad to see this, and personally think we could do with a bit of it here in the United States before we get to the state of affairs believers are experiencing in England. A notable clip from the article:

In recent years, Lord Carey said Christians had been penalised for activities such as wearing crosses and offering to pray for other people.

"Christianity is a public religion, always has been and always will be," he said as he launched the campaign outside the House of Lords. What we believe in is of paramount importance to our nation and were we to lose it, then I have no idea what will happen to the Christian faith in this country."

The former archbishop unveiled a leaflet warning that Britain's Christian culture was "under attack".

I was watching a video today put out for the 60th anniversary of Slavic Gospel Association's UK branch. In it, almost as an aside, one of the individuals being interviewed from the UK office was harkening back to what Christian ministry was like during the communist years in the Warsaw Pact nations, comparing it to the freedom believers had in the UK. Then he added, "back then, at least." It was a quiet acknowledgement of how the tide has turned against Christian expression in England, and Western Europe in general.

It's a warning we'd do well to heed.

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