Thursday, January 27, 2011

Arkansas and Elton

It never ceases to amaze me how a tiny minority manages to intimidate the rest of the population into letting it have its evil way.

Case in point is this story from ABC about a Harps Supermarket in Mountain Home, Arkansas. Mountain Home is a small, rural town in the Ozarks. I know it fairly well. It's in the middle of the Bible Belt. Completely in keeping with rural, Bible-belt values, some people objected to the fawning treatment of homosexuality on the cover of a national entertainment magazine. So the store covered it up, yet left it on sale for anyone who wanted it.

Looks like a local woman (whether she is from the area or a transplant is unknown) who undoubtedly also falls on the far left side of the fence decided to gin up some controversy. So she started tweeting all the usual gay activist suspects around the country, and they mounted a loud, shrill campaign of intimidation to force the store to reverse course and again show Elton John, his gay lover and their newborn little adopted baby — i.e. look at what a happy, normal family we have, no matter whether it's morally right in the eyes of God, nor the values of the local residents.

The store caved, sadly. Funnily enough, if they had stood their ground and stood by the residents of where the bulk of their stores are concentrated, they wouldn't have lost much business. In fact, they might have actually gained some business. Instead, they were spooked by the mouse that roared.


Palm boy said...

I really have to say I love this picture.


Solameanie said...

Glad you approve! ;)