Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Glenn Beck, Gov. Bentley and Biblical Truth

It appears Glenn Beck is not too happy with Alabama Governor Bob Bentley. While the hyperlink will take you to the entire article on this subject, I want to post the essence of it below, then comment:

When you are a Republican and even Glenn Beck is joining the chorus of liberal critics about something you have said, you know you’re in trouble. Count the Fox News and radio talk meister among those upset by Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley’s inauguration day remarks that non-Christians are not his brothers. Beck replayed Bentley’s comments for his nationally syndicated radio audience last week. Beck also played Bentley’s apology, in which he said he needed to choose his words more carefully. Beck said the problem was with the sentiment, not the wording. A true messenger of Jesus Christ, he said, must consider every person a brother or sister. "Even Luke Skywalker recognized that Darth Vader was his father," Beck said. Later, he added, "Governor, you are sadly mistaken about your Christianity."

First, a Mormon is not the best person in the world to describe biblical Christianity, being part of a pseudo-Christian cult. And I suspect that is part of the problem here.

As I noted in an earlier post, the governor was not giving a speech in the state capitol building. He was speaking to a group of fellow evangelical Christians in a church/Christian group setting. Contrary to Mr. Beck's opinion, what Bentley said IS biblical Christian theology. Period. End of discussion. Now, as a matter of politics, it probably wasn't wise for Bentley to make the statement in front of reporters who were likely there, especially knowing the media's bloodlust to humiliate and try to embarrass any Republican. At the very least, if he was going to make such a statement, true as it is, he should have provided explanation and context for those who were there so that his statement could not be so easily distorted.

Having said this, I suspect what bothers Glenn Beck is the fact that biblical Christians do not consider Mormonism to be true Christianity. He wants — as do most Mormons — to be considered part of mainstream Christianity and thereby lose his cultist status (Funny, because you should hear what official Mormon teaching is on mainstream Christianity). There are other possibilities about why Beck is backing liberals on this one, but I do think that his Mormonism is likely at the root of it.

Again, the fact is that in terms of being a spiritual family, only true Christians are brothers and sisters in Christ -- part of the Lord's spiritual family. The only way you can say that non-believers are "brothers and sisters" is in context of our common humanity. But that was NOT the context in which Gov. Bentley was speaking.

Those who were there at this Christian function know it. The media knows it. And Glenn Beck no doubt knows it. But it's publicity. Who cares if it's accurate or not.


Anonymous said...

Glenn Beck is, yet again, speaking for his father, and the father of all mormons, the devil.

Solameanie said...

Hi, Stan. I really get concerned that so many Christians gush over Glenn Beck. I think he has done a great job communicating American history and being an advocate for freedom, but his hobnobbing with evangelicals and seemingly finding common ground with them may be causing a good number to chuck their discernment out the window.