Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Mighty Quinn?

Pity those of us stuck in Illinois. The lame-duck Democratic legislature and Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn have unleashed a 66 percent tax increase on us, purportedly to balance the budget and dig the state out of the hole it's in. Here are the details of the story.

I think New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said it best. The only ones in glee over this are the Republican governors of Iowa, Wisconsin and Indiana, because the Democrats have just invited more business to leave the state.

The tax increase is supposed to be "temporary." Yeah, right. So were highway tolls. I seem to remember the tall tale that lottery money would be used solely for education. Another "promise." Anyone who thinks this tax will be temporary is smoking weed . . . that is UNLESS we get a conservative legislature with enough votes to repeal and impose spending cuts, AND a conservative governor to sign it all into law.

Humph. All I can say is that Illinois is managing to slit its own throat without help from anyone else. It's painful to watch a state self-destruct.


Gilbert said...

After being away from this blog (and many in general due to time constraints) over the last 6 must be said that Cook county and the one that houses East St. Louis were the only two counties that "went" for Quinn and the far left in our election.

Chicago will get what it deserves. And all those who voted for him will leave, throw up their hands and say "whatever", and go pollute some other state.

We need to repent of our calling evil, good...and good, evil.

Solameanie said...

You got it! I wish we could leave Chicago and East St. Louis to their own devices. But they wouldn't leave US alone.

Jack said...

Your elected officials are either morons or criminals, or both. They're going to cave your state economy with this insane tax. But I assume it's because they and their cronies (the unions) are all skimming. They will gut you, and then flee the state.