Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A New, Loathsome Low

Until now, I had regarded Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders — the only avowed, admitted socialist in the Senate — as an amusing curiosity. I also scratched my head a bit, because Vermont is pretty much the only state where town-hall style democracy still exists, and it once had a pretty strong conservative streak.

Until now, I said. Check out this little report from The Weekly Standard, which highlights a recent letter sent out by Sanders. In essence, he is using the tragic shooting of Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords to raise funds for his political campaign. Quite frankly, I'm not amused any longer.

The knee-jerk, opportunistic reaction of the hard left to the incident was contemptuous enough. They didn't waste any time blaming conservatives, talk radio and the usual bogeymen. The Tea Party got blamed. Rush Limbaugh got blamed. Bill O'Reilly got blamed. Sean Hannity got blamed. Blogs got blamed. Plenty of blame to go around, until the facts intervened. The shooter turned out to be an unhinged crackpot with no discernible links to any conservative group or political philosophy.

It's funny, because these same far left loons are the ones who clucked their tongues and told America not to rush to judgment when a Muslim fanatic in the military tried to shoot up Fort Hood. Now they rushed to judgment, not wanting to "waste a good crisis," in the words of former White House Chief of Staff and wannabe Chicago mayor, Rahm Emanuel.

Now we have Socialist Bernie Sanders raising money on the tragedy, and Congresswoman Giffords isn't even off the ventilator yet. Amazing, isn't it?

There is one good thing to say about it. If they keep this kind of nonsense up, the Senate and White House will both likely go in conservative hands in 2012. And not a moment too soon.

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