Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jesus - The God Man

This week's installment from The Fundamentals

by John Stock (originally published by the American Baptist Publication Society)

Jesus of Nazareth was not mere man, excelling others in purity of life and conduct and in sincerity of purpose, simply distinguished from other teachers by the fullness of His knowledge. He is the God-man. Such view of the person of Messiah is the assured foundation of the entire Scriptural testimony to Him, and it is to be irresistibly inferred from the style and strain in which He habitually spoke of Himself. Of this inferential argument of the Saviour we can give here the salient points only in the briefest presentation.

1. Jesus claimed to be the Son of God.

2. Jesus, on several occasions, claimed a divine supremacy in both worlds.

3. Jesus always claimed absolute and indisputable power in dealing with every question of moral duty and destiny.

4. Jesus asserted His full possession of the power to forgive sins.

5. Jesus claimed the power to raise his own body from the grave, to quicken the souls of men into spiritual life, and to raise all the dead at the last great day.

6. Jesus declared that He had the ability to do all His Father's works.

7. Jesus spake of Himself as the greatest gift of infinite mercy even.

8. Jesus announced Himself as the center of rest for the human soul.

9. Jesus permitted Thomas to adore Him as his Lord and his God, and pronounced an eulogiam upon the faith thus displayed.

10. Jesus indirectly compared Himself with God.

11. Jesus demands of us an unhesitating and unlimited faith in Himself; such faith, in short, as we should only exercise in God.

12. The affection and devotion to His glory, which Jesus demands, are such as can be properly yielded only to God.

13. Jesus set Himself forth as the appropriate end of our lives and of all divine providences.

14. Very suggestive, too, are those passages in which Jesus promised His continued presence to His disciples after His ascension.

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